Sunday, June 28, 2009

Corel Painter

This took roughly 7 hrs completely in Corel Painter. Mark your calenders, this is the weekend that I official embrace color. It's my first piece in which I painted directly in color. There's only one way to get over my fear, so I plan on sticking to color pieces with all my posts from here on out.


Mark Chubb said...

Looks nice, at first I wanted to say that the shadow by the nose was a bit dark or off, but I think I was just being bitchy to bitch. It looks very good.
(Frys has Cintiqs for $999, how much was yours you bought for home? I really want to get one, soon.)

Phil Manix said...

That price would probably be for the 12" cintiq. The 21" would probably still be in the $1900 range.