Monday, June 1, 2009

Hacksaw Lives!

Aaaaaggghh! I had too much caffeine and now I can't go to sleep! Hacksaw wanted me to draw a caricature of him and this is what I've gotten done so far. I could use some feedback on this one, you guys know him better than I do.
Dan, a reminder, Tuesday 1:30 Table Tennis. I've DTOed the entire week.


Brian Johnson said...

I really like this. Maybe tone down the vein on the side of the head - it looks like it's ready to blow.

Brian Johnson said...

What is the thing hanging off of his neck? Some kind of badge or something?

P.Manix said...

The vein is the best part. In real life, after racquetball, Hacksaw's forehead vein is twice that size.

Legend has it, back in '06 the vein robbed a convenience store in Barstow. Thing is Hacksaw hasn't even left Nevada in half a dozen years.
That's just what I heard!?