Monday, August 17, 2009

I won't be able to use the blood splatter on my logo at work because the original brush creator insists that it not be used commercially. "No exceptions", that's a quote. So I spent half of Sunday trying to create a bunch of my own. which is why this is my post for this week.

If you're curious, I used 50% water 50% latex paint mix to get the splatter consistency I was looking for. I also tried India Ink but it was way too thin, and messy. I think I will try and make a set of PS brushes before I'm done with this project.


J Bahari said...

Awesome! You gotta let me know how that goes.

Mark Chubb said...

Tell the truth, you really did the whole "Fight Club" thing and used real blood from the opponent off the wall.
Oops, forgot the first rule of fight club!