Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ash from Evil Dead and some horrible monsters, also Youtube show!

Ash Williams from Evil Dead by Dave Bruno
I painted this a while ago, right after the Evil Dead remake came out back in... May? But I figured its Halloween related so why not post it anyway. I painted this in Photoshop CS6.

The Dripping Monster

The Skin Walker

And here are some horrible monsters. The Dripping Monster I actually doodled in College during my Poetry and Jazz class. It was a pretty funny situation, my teacher was walking around the room giving his lecture, and he peeked over my shoulder and saw that thing, stopped what he was saying and just said "Oh wow that's terrifying", soaked it in for a minute and then continued his lecture. 

The Skin Walker I drew two days ago, so that ones new. I had this idea on the bus ride home from work and felt the urge to doodle it out when I got home. Its a little like The Thing, the rib cage separated become teeth for its maw and the intestine (gross) become like a giant tongue. 

Thumbnail Poster for Scaredy Dave Episode 1: First Cut

ALSO! I'm making a Youtube show called Scaredy Dave just for the fun of it in my spare time. Its an interesting little show, it plays out like a Lets Play ("Lets Play" shows are Youtube shows where you watch someone play through a video game as they make commentary, so you get to enjoy the fun of seeing a game as well as the fun of a humorous person talking about it.) but it has an animated show surrounding it. 

Essentially the plot of the show is that Dave just moved in to a new apartment and it turns out its haunted by a Ghost. The Ghost initially wants Dave to leave, but Dave thinks that the rent is a steal there (its a comedy) so Dave decides to brave it and stay, the Ghost decides to take on this challenge by throwing scary things at him every night, all of which are cameos from horror themed video games. Each "Episode" has an animated prologue and epilogue, with the Lets Play portion in between. You can watch only the animated portions and still get the full enjoyment out of the show, the Lets Play portion is mainly for those who are into that sort of thing and they also give context to the animation (some jokes are made funnier when you see how they relate to the game)

Right now the only things that are posted on the Youtube page are the Prologue and the first 10 episodes of the Lets Play, I am hard at work on the Epilogue currently, and hope to have at least half of it done by Halloween. Here's a sneak peek at some of the backgrounds from the first half of the Epilogue. 

The Balcony outside of apartment 1113
"Hey! Keep it down in there!"

As you can probably tell, I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I also love horror! If youre interested in seeing Scaredy Dave, follow this link:

And have a happy Halloween! I still have my $200 Elvis costume from last year, made even more appropriate now that I work at IGT. Happy Haunting everyone!

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